Halfway to Fifty (States)

Adrian Visits His 25th State


This morning, when I landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I touched ground in my twenty-fifth state. Yes, you read that right! I have finally made it through of half of the fifty states that make up our beautiful United States of America.​

Today, I also learned a very important lesson: I should be more active on Twitter, just in case something interesting goes down. Which it did. Big time.

Above is a tweet I posted yesterday. It’s the usual celebratory message for such a momentous occasion.

In said tweet, one can see me address my all-time favorite airline and my all-time favorite plane. I mean let’s be honest—who else would I have chosen to fly me to my dreams than my all-time favorite airline? (Nobody, of course!)

That said, look at how Southwest replied:

Hmmm, sounds interesting. Let me just accept that offer. *Click, click, click.*​​

Here I am today sharing with you that my friends at Southwest Airlines gifted me 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points in honor of my big achievement. Thank you, Southwest. You really are the best!

Lesson to the wise: Twitter may actually be amazing.

Another lesson to the wise: Southwest Airlines IS amazing.

***This article was not (technically) sponsored by Southwest. The only “compensation” received was the 5,000 points to celebrate my achievement—not to write an article.***