Adrian D. Holmes is an emerging musician, writer, and YouTube personality. Since launching his creative career in 2014, he has published numerous instrumental and orchestral compositions, produced a full-length music album, interviewed notable stars of stage and screen, and built a YouTube channel celebrating over 100,000 views.

Adrian was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 1996. He enjoyed several happy years exploring the desert landscape of the American Southwest, before relocating with his adoptive family to Jacksonville, Florida. Adrian's father—a native South Dakotan raised on Long Island, New York—instilled a lifelong passion for exploration and adventure in each of his children. Adrian's mother—a native Floridian—enjoyed their family adventures, too, and taught Adrian to appreciate the little things in life no matter where he went.

Jacksonville would be the city where Adrian had his first piano lessons, his first exposure to composition, and his first public performances. Following the death of his father in May 2005, Adrian more aggressively pursued his musical interests as a healthy release for his imagination and emotions.

Adrian was homeschooled for a season, then returned to a traditional educational setting for the remainder of his high school years. During this time, he performed regularly in competitions and other musical events throughout Florida. He later attended Trinity Baptist College. In 2015, Adrian graduated from the college, at the age of eighteen, with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. To date, he is the youngest graduate in the school's history.

Adrian refused to perform competitively after high school. He instead chose to perform for pure enjoyment, a commitment he has kept to this day. Adrian has performed in a variety of unique settings, from church halls, to concert halls, to the salon of the Florida Governor's Mansion. For several years, he served as church pianist for multiple congregations in Jacksonville and surrounding communities.

As a college senior, Adrian decided to focus on commercial musical endeavors. With the publication and first public performance of his original composition Cello Canto No. 1, Adrian's professional career as a composer  was born. In 2015, Adrian began work on an ambitious musical project which, eighteen months later, became The Pirates of Penzance: Revamped and Revisited—Adrian's debut full-length music album.

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Pirates was the first project to catapult Adrian and his work into public notice. He was interviewed by multiple newspapers and made appearances on several internet talk shows. In the months leading up to the album release, Adrian devised a marketing campaign involving the assistance of nearly two dozen international stars of stage and screen, all of whom had appeared in various productions of Gilbert & Sullivan's classic operetta Pirates of Penzance around the world. Adrian published an interview series on his official website featuring Kaye Ballard (Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella), Robby Benson (Beauty and the Beast, Ice Castles), Gary Sandy (WKRP in Cincinnati), Patricia Routledge (BBC's Keeping Up Appearance), Simon Gallagher (Australian music star), and many others.

Starting with his first celebrity interview, it was obvious Adrian's plan was a success. Kaye Ballard was his first guest, and during the first week of their interview's circulation, Adrian's website netted over 6,000 new visitors from strictly organic promotion by Adrian and Kaye's marketing teams. Adrian received several endorsements from his celebrity guests, including one especially kind one from Kaye, who applauded Adrian for having "restored at least a little of my faith in young people." Kaye and Adrian would remain friends until her death in 2019.

After the release of the Pirates album, Adrian took a hiatus from producing more major musical projects. He focused on a teaching career for a couple of years, then moved on to another industry which had beckoned him from the time he was a child: the airline world.

Adrian began exploring the possibilities of hosting a YouTube channel while promoting his album, though it wouldn't be until he seriously pursued a career in aviation that he really began developing his niche within the YouTube universe. He had enjoyed the celebrity interviews he had conducted during his album marketing campaign, and thus was inspired to dabble in more interviews. He conducted a successful recorded interview with Seattle fashion designer Luly Yang in 2018. Then, once he joined the ranks of the airline world, he branched out into filming take-off and landing videos.

Entering the 2020s, Adrian plans to expand his brand by exploring the travel and aviation niche more deeply. He is also developing new musical projects to be released alongside his travel endeavors. The sky is truly the limit for Adrian and his journey. For him, he embraces the slogan of the former AirTran Airways (now merged with Southwest Airlines—Adrian's favorite air carrier*), "Go. There's nothing stopping you."

*Adrian is an employee of Southwest Airlines. All views and opinions on this Site are exclusively his own. Read the full disclosure here.